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Monday, 10 October 2011

Third Day of Ilkley Art Trail 2011

Ok - The relentless rain and wind could begin to get to me now. It will clear by Thursday I am assured!

But Kate Johnson's 'Man and Machine' clip have brought me 'round. 'Man and Machine' could not be brought to venue 12 (where Kate now has an example of her sculpture and a collection of her landscapes in oil), for fear of it crashing through two floors of the hosts Jane and John Thorne's house. It's heavy. However you can feast your eyes on the following video, which shows the amazing new possibilities for artists, of the process used to make it. 

Continuing on my own journey of the Trail:

Vicki Nolan at venue 17 (this was taken on my phone when camera batteries gave up!):

Tamara Lawson - venue 14 as I, personally, have never seen  her: 'Child's -eye View through Grass':

To me, the 'Open Studio' element of the Trail - is the wet, oil, board, rag, tools, 'voyeuristic' experience that you can't have anywhere else. Still at venue 14, can you smell this...

Over from Tamara's studio to the lovely welcoming rooms full of space (venue 21) of Kerry Stoker, welcoming visitors intrigued by her research portfolio:

More of Kerry Stoker's figurative and abstract work at venue 21, total head remedy for a dull and drizzly day:

And on to venue 1 with Joy Godfrey, bronzes, oils, watercolours and limited edition silk screen prints:

Next in venue 1 Ken Jaquiery's ceramic sculpture, totally tactile pieces of gorgeously simple shape:

Ken Jaquiery at work and play:

Jackie Knight's exquisite ceramic sculpture, again at venue 1, ended my out-and-about day after a BCB live radio interview for the Trail

Looking forward to day 4...

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