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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fifth day of Ilkley Art Trail 2011

It is beginning to feel like normal life giving out programmes to people on The Grove in Ilkley!

Venues I visited today  were delighted with my suggestion that the weather is to improve from tomorrow as we are all a little sick of relentless rain, so:
This is tomorrow, and the last four days of the Trail are forcast to be like this! Yes, remember the colour yellow? Ilkley Art Trail can inject a little of it too!

Emma Straw at Cakewalk (venue 26), who is running the 'books around town' project was delighted with visitor numbers over the weekend and has had more Trail visitors on Tuesday and today (closed on Monday). Cakewalk is a Christmas original gift idea treasure-trove of things made by local makers:

A nod to our Literature Festival running now:

Scarfe made locally from otherwise thrown away fabric offcuts:

By contrast and with bunting galore...Lucie Burrows (venue 3) Traditional Landscapes and some figurative works by contrast in a sunny Ben Rhydding Garage. Lucie's work is kind of timeless and contained. Achieving 'darkness' and 'light' all in one work. Well worth a good look:

I discovered here that Ilkley Art Trail is not just FREE - you get chocolate money back!

Then on to The Art Loft (venue 19) and Liz Sutcliffe entertaining visitors in her great space.
Liz has her own work here and that of many other artists. Please don't plan to fly in and fly out, allow more than an hour if you can:

Chris Rymer's Inside Out Wood Art is at venue 19 too. Is there anything warmer than wood?

Venue 2 is a quality, bespoke making process for capturing an age. Check it out at Attic, especially if you have wee ones. Jewellery can be made too, using impressions and print processes:

Camera issues prevented me from getting venue 22 and Christine Vandenhaute's landscapes but I will return with resolved camera issue on another day.

So... Day 6 and no umbarella!...


  1. I've seen some great work on the Trail. Hope to come again next weekend.

  2. An Aladins Cave of art at The Art Loft, all the venues look fantastic.