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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Last Day of Ilkley Art Trail 2011

The very last day of the nine day marathon and the camera and blogger are on their last legs but soon perked up with the offerings of the day.

A gem of a venue with Chris and Ian Robinson at venue 18, with Chris specialising in stunning glass work:

Chris Robinson also uses multi media and print to create memorable texture and thought provoking images:

Ian Robinson's work (venue 18) is multi media paintings, story telling, autobiographical and figurative all in one:

Flagging now but the art-work is certainly not. Denise Ledgerwood at venue 15 was my last but by no means least call of the whole trail, and what a sensitive and quietly stimulating visit it was:

Ilkley Art Trail 2011

Feedback and appreciation have been wonderful. It's hard to leave!
Huge thanks to all of the volunteers, audience and artists and all of our great local and regional support. Feedback is most welcome via our website


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Eighth Day Ilkley Art Trail 2011

The penultimate day and Lorna has been covering a venue, so is a little low on pictures!

I did, however, manage to get out for half an hour to visit Lesley Anne Greene at venue 6 on Leeds Road.
Her collection of ceramics are unmistakably full of detailed character and well worth a look with pieces from small wall art ceramics:

To pieces of approximately 2 foot tall:
Clock Lesley's Liverbird 'after Degas' - Who can resist a liver bird?:
And Geisha:

Many more cat families zebra and a plethera of creatures quite a zoo of them! Enjoy.

Now to our last dayand glorious weather is predicted...

Friday, 14 October 2011

Seventh Day of Ilkley Art Trail 2011

... Not the rest day it's  historically billed as. A venue urgently needed cover,  so I couldn't get around to see more venues! I am also tied up tomorrow covering the same venue. This means there are no photo blogs tomorrow (Saturday) unless anyone can send their own to me - audience perspective.
Here, however, are just a few examples of the work of David Cooke, the ceramic sculptor featured at Anstey Galleries (venue 25):

Venues I have not reached during my week are Lesley Anne Greene (venue 6) (and clustered with Ilkley Brewery, venue 16), creating ceramic sculpture, and who talked about her work on yesterday's blog-featured radio interview, Denise Ledgerwood (venue 15) who's work has been described by a Trail visitor as 'fascinating' and Chris and Ian Robinson (venue 18), two accomplished artists for the shoe leather of one. 

What I can report is that 22 people visited venue 25, where I was invigilating, clutching a programme and working out a route around the Trail. This has been a most affirming thing.

I met with Rachel Feldberg tonight, Director of Ilkley Literature Festival, who passes on  her congratulations to all Trail participants for a trail she has heard really good reports about, throughout this year's Literature Festival.She regrets that she has had no time to see any herself, but is sending her sister, who is staying with her, around the Art Trail at the weekend. Praise indeed.

All venues are gearing up for a busy weekend and a successful (in many ways), first ever Ilkley Art trail.

And so, to the penultimate day...

Sixth Day of Ilkley Art Trail 2011

Yes Better weather as promised. 

This is a later blog than expected. Too much cultural stimulation brought on a migraine for the blogger but she is back in the saddle now!

Emma Fotherby, venue 5 exhibits her Emotional Mono prints, exquisite screen prints and ceramics which are well worth the trip up Curly Hill:

An insight in an 'Emotional Mono Print, again Emma Fotherby at venue 5:

Emma Fotherby's 'Kiss Catchers' at venue 5. Kiss one and give it to a friend, to keep:

Two radio interviews took place this week and here they are for your delectation and delight:

Lorna Bird – BCB Radio Interview - Drive Time 4-5 p.m (scroll to 51.15, finishes 56.43)

Lesley Anne Greene – BCB Radio Interview  0 Around Bradford 11.15a.m (scroll to 14.30, finishes 20.45)

As well as this the Ilkley Gazette have a huge middle page spread covering aspects of the Trail, which looks great. I shall tweet the link when it becomes available but in the meantime - buy the Ilkley Gazette this week!

Onwards to Weaverbird Workshop, venue 27 and some really non-traditional takes on our fabulous Cow and Calf.
An Ilkley Art Trail visitor takes it in:

Philippa Horne's Cow and Calf  in felt at Weaverbird Workshops venue 27:

Then on to Ilkley Library for Hilary James work. Highly recommended, especially if you have children . Huge originals from her own children's books. Colourful and pensive too:

Graeme Willson at venue 23 and 24 ecclesiastical works and landscape:

You can see and smell this in a studio on the Trail, but not in many galleries. I know it's not just me that likes to see the process and evidence of an artists work... A studio floor!

And now for the big, big weekend...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fifth day of Ilkley Art Trail 2011

It is beginning to feel like normal life giving out programmes to people on The Grove in Ilkley!

Venues I visited today  were delighted with my suggestion that the weather is to improve from tomorrow as we are all a little sick of relentless rain, so:
This is tomorrow, and the last four days of the Trail are forcast to be like this! Yes, remember the colour yellow? Ilkley Art Trail can inject a little of it too!

Emma Straw at Cakewalk (venue 26), who is running the 'books around town' project was delighted with visitor numbers over the weekend and has had more Trail visitors on Tuesday and today (closed on Monday). Cakewalk is a Christmas original gift idea treasure-trove of things made by local makers:

A nod to our Literature Festival running now:

Scarfe made locally from otherwise thrown away fabric offcuts:

By contrast and with bunting galore...Lucie Burrows (venue 3) Traditional Landscapes and some figurative works by contrast in a sunny Ben Rhydding Garage. Lucie's work is kind of timeless and contained. Achieving 'darkness' and 'light' all in one work. Well worth a good look:

I discovered here that Ilkley Art Trail is not just FREE - you get chocolate money back!

Then on to The Art Loft (venue 19) and Liz Sutcliffe entertaining visitors in her great space.
Liz has her own work here and that of many other artists. Please don't plan to fly in and fly out, allow more than an hour if you can:

Chris Rymer's Inside Out Wood Art is at venue 19 too. Is there anything warmer than wood?

Venue 2 is a quality, bespoke making process for capturing an age. Check it out at Attic, especially if you have wee ones. Jewellery can be made too, using impressions and print processes:

Camera issues prevented me from getting venue 22 and Christine Vandenhaute's landscapes but I will return with resolved camera issue on another day.

So... Day 6 and no umbarella!...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Fourth Day of Ilkley Art Trail 2011

Fourth day and the weather was considerably better thankfully, and is on the up, I understand.

Foot-fall at venues is unknown today as Lorna has visited none, due to having no car today!

Activities continued though with volunteers engaging shoppers on The Grove  and at Ilkley Railway Station:

Lorna Bird and Lucia Smith after some planning last night and this morning, and after the deluges of the last few days have blitzed Ilkley with an integrated signage system that no-one in Ilkley will be able to miss it:

An example of Lucia's dedication - tree-hugging for the Trail!

Looking forward to day five and all still standing!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Third Day of Ilkley Art Trail 2011

Ok - The relentless rain and wind could begin to get to me now. It will clear by Thursday I am assured!

But Kate Johnson's 'Man and Machine' clip have brought me 'round. 'Man and Machine' could not be brought to venue 12 (where Kate now has an example of her sculpture and a collection of her landscapes in oil), for fear of it crashing through two floors of the hosts Jane and John Thorne's house. It's heavy. However you can feast your eyes on the following video, which shows the amazing new possibilities for artists, of the process used to make it. 

Continuing on my own journey of the Trail:

Vicki Nolan at venue 17 (this was taken on my phone when camera batteries gave up!):

Tamara Lawson - venue 14 as I, personally, have never seen  her: 'Child's -eye View through Grass':

To me, the 'Open Studio' element of the Trail - is the wet, oil, board, rag, tools, 'voyeuristic' experience that you can't have anywhere else. Still at venue 14, can you smell this...

Over from Tamara's studio to the lovely welcoming rooms full of space (venue 21) of Kerry Stoker, welcoming visitors intrigued by her research portfolio:

More of Kerry Stoker's figurative and abstract work at venue 21, total head remedy for a dull and drizzly day:

And on to venue 1 with Joy Godfrey, bronzes, oils, watercolours and limited edition silk screen prints:

Next in venue 1 Ken Jaquiery's ceramic sculpture, totally tactile pieces of gorgeously simple shape:

Ken Jaquiery at work and play:

Jackie Knight's exquisite ceramic sculpture, again at venue 1, ended my out-and-about day after a BCB live radio interview for the Trail

Looking forward to day 4...