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Saturday, 8 October 2011

First Day of Ilkley Art Trail 2011

Artist Judith Levin and her moorland landscapes in Ilkley Brewery - ethereal oils in traditional industry environment. Venue 16:

On bags of hops. Venue 16:

Judith Levin checking new additions to collection: 'Portrait of Jane Austen' (Painted from the experience and sensation of reading her novels.) / 'Portrait of  Woman Reading' (Painted for Ilkley Art Trail 2011, coinciding with Ilkley Literature Festival).Venue 16:

IAT Volunteers braving the rain on The Grove to promote the Trail:

John Anderson  filming Ilkley Art Trail 2011 Linda Dewart. Venue 4:

 Jason Howgate's pen and inks. Venue 10:

Lisa Hinds fabric work at her home in Addingham. Venue 8:

Lisa Hinds Beach Ladies. Venue 8:

Christine Vandenhaute's mythological creatures. Venue 12:

Christine Vandenhaute's Persephone Disrobed. Venue 12:

Audience with Kate Johnson. Venue 12:

And more of the same. Venue 12:

Audience with Kerry Stoker. Venue 21:

Strong Start. And so to day 2...

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