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Monday, 8 October 2012

Ilkley Art Trail 2012 - Day 3

Day 3 is a day of lost images! 39 in all and I will try to revisit the venues due to feature today, through the week!
What I can relate, however, is a catch up from Saturday of pics I was too done in to negotiate other IT issues with to feature then...

Sculptor Melanie Wilks (VENUE 27 now finished) in a garden designed by Helen Taylor

The Arcade (VENUE 4) has never, maybe since it's Victorian hey days looked so remarkably brill. Thanks to Anita Bowerman, Stephen Harrington Simpson and Kate Johnson. Many thanks to all the resident businesses, Nora's, The Dress Agency, Create and Arcade Kitchens for their lovely support and coffee! Together we have made it greater than the sum of its parts.

 Denise Ledgerwood - Two rooms and a hallway of  amazing fragmented images conveying an experience over time. (VENUE 12 in Ben Rhydding)

(VENUE 16) Flick with hand crafted silver and shell. And there's a pint to be had at this venue!

(VENUE 15) Emma Fotherby's ceramic work inspired by and made with moorland features.

(VENUE 15) Vicki Nolan - Mixed media paintings.

(VENUE 15) Emma Fotherby

(VENUE 13) Heather Dawe's mountain landscapes.

(VENUE 13) Gillian Gilmore - Mixed media

(VENUE 13) Drew Ward's work. Talk about what can be achieved with a limited palate!

A collaboration! The artist, the organiser, the audience and the piece! 

 (VENUE 13) Ruth Wightman's oils dreamlike and reminiscent of Angela Carter.

C'est ca. Catch you after another day...

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